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The Consumer Research Services We Offer!

Get a clearer image of your consumers through our consumer research services.

Through the power of consumer research, we help brands gain a deeper understanding of what drives customer behavior to support the development of business strategies that deliver results. Quite often, the term 'consumer research' acts as a barrier, with its true meaning being misconstrued. As a result, the opportunity to really listen to and understand customers through quantitative and qualitative fieldwork goes untapped by even the brands that need it most.

MWCG professionals will develop mystery shopping programs, develop surveys or conduct focus groups to ensure we collect accurate information to help you make better business decisions. Let MWCG assess your customers' journey to achieve a stronger, value-driven customer experience.

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Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery shopping services from Melting Walls Consulting Group will help you find out what it's really like to do business with you in person, over the phone, online, or via your mobile application.

You'll gather the insights needed to drive effective change within your business in order to delight customers at every location and customer touchpoint.

Since 2008, MWCG has helped businesses large and small improve employee and customer experiences and their reputations, to drive repeat business, loyalty, and increased sales while turning customers into champions of their brands.

Melting Walls Consultant
Melting Walls Consultant

Focus Groups

Melting Walls Consultant Group is here to help. Our team specializes in facilitating focus groups, developing mystery shop programs, and developing survey tools that help collect and analyze data to offer targeted business solutions.

Our team has the experience and training to ensure that we provide accurate information to make better business decisions. We have experience working with small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies.

Our Work

Below are examples of our work with different industries:

MWCG offers expert focus group services. When you partner with us, you gain access to a large panel of professionals and everyday consumers who can give you valuable feedback about your products, services, marketing initiatives, loyalty programs, and more.

We're equipped to conduct focus groups in-person and online. Whether you need quick answers or insights generated from in-depth, open discussions, MWCG is here to help.

MWCG moderators who are skilled in exploring the concepts and ideas about your company, products, services, or brand that most interest you. We've led groups with the following audiences, to name a few:

  • Millennials / GenX / GenZ / Baby Boomers
  • Shoppers (e.g., auto, retail, grocery, fitness)
  • Employees (e.g., Leasing Agents, engineers, IT managers)
  • Users (e.g., smartphones, websites, applications, streaming devices, TV and Cable)

Scroll down to see samples of our work.

Melting Walls Consultant

Telecommunication Companies:

  • Developed and executed secret shopper programs to determine adherence to contractual marketing obligations
  • Designed and conducted focus groups to measure the effectiveness of marketing tools and to message for B2B and B2C audiences
  • Created semi-annual surveys targeted at internal and external customers of the marketing team to ensure the needs of each group are met
  • Reported results of shopper program, focus groups, and surveys to clients, along with recommendations for improvements to marketing initiatives

Higher Education Partners:

  • Collect data nationwide on Healthcare Education programs (Holding AACC membership) and their impact on the workforce and their industry.
  • Developed messaging and communication tools to be used in the research study
  • Analyze data as aggregate with trends—statistically significant data identified for correlation and comparison
  • Presented results and information at National Conferences to help industry leaders make data-driven decisions in planning for the future of healthcare education and employment trends

Higher Education Institutions:

  • Designed data collections tools to meet external accreditation requirements and staff development needs
  • Completed quarterly data collection and analysis
  • Provide ongoing training to faculty and staff in data collection, tool distribution, confidentiality, and boundaries.
Melting Walls Consultant