Survey Development
Melting Walls Consultant

We Customize Surveys to Reach Your Targeted Audience!

Your research project's success starts with an effective survey.

MWCG consultants specialize in developing surveys that help you capture the right information you seek from target audiences, in the right places, at the right times.

Together, we'll determine your market research objectives, then customize surveys to help meet your needs, whether you require:

  • In-depth online surveys designed for laptop, tablet and/or desktop devices (that are too robust for mobile devices)
  • Real-time, on-the-spot surveys designed for mobile devices
  • Short surveys designed for SMS text message delivery

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A customer satisfaction survey program from Melting Walls makes it possible for you to survey customers to find out what they're saying about your company, brand, associates, and overall experience, as well as tell you what they want. You can use these insights to make informed business decisions that can help you earn customer loyalty, increase sales, and inspire customers to recommend you to others.

MWCG experienced team will assist in customizing a survey tool for your specific need(s) using a variety of proven rating scales (e.g., Overall Satisfaction, Attribute, Behavioral, Open-Ended, Action/Follow Up, Demographic).

Melting Walls Consultant

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Smiles are contagious. So are poor attitudes. In fact, unhappiness from even a small percentage of your employees can easily spread across your organization, resulting in the extremely costly consequences of higher turnover, lower productivity, a negative brand image, or dissatisfied customers.

Give employees a way to constructively express their discontent and ensure they know that the company cares about what they have to say. In the process, you will increase employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity that your customers will notice and reward with repeat business and referrals.

Community Surveys

MWCG makes it possible for you to conduct market research to find out how people in your area rate their satisfaction with the services your local government or other agency provides. In the process, you'll also discover how your agency impacts respondents' lifestyle, travel, job, education, transportation, or other factors.

Your survey results will provide you with valuable insights you can act on to define priorities, evaluate performance, establish objectives, involve citizens in coming up with solutions, increase program funding and improvement, strengthen support among community leaders and residents, and more.

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