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"Leaders in organizations must provide an environment in which not only can employees recognize their strengths and abilities but also transfer those skills into their everyday activities with meaning and value "

-Thompson, 2008.

Melting Walls Consultant Group brings the expertise to the table when finding ways to improve your business. Whether you need employee engagement/development, culture development, leadership development, or customer experience, we have the necessary tools to drive success for your company.

Culture: A High-Priority Asset

At MWCG, we understand that true operational excellence is rooted in a strong organizational culture. Our approach begins with a thorough Culture Assessment to measure the current health of your organization's culture. We then create a tailored game plan, focusing on strengthening your culture's assets and addressing its weaknesses. Our proven process ensures that changes are not only implemented but also ingrained within your company's routines and processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and guiding you on the path to success.

Incorporation of Culture

MWCG's Culture Assessment is a comprehensive approach to enhancing organizational culture. It begins with a thorough measurement phase to gauge the current state of your culture. By examining the facts and identifying growth opportunities, MWCG gains a complete picture of your culture's present condition and potential enhancements. With this valuable data, a strategic plan is developed to address cultural weaknesses and amplify strengths, ensuring a culture that contributes positively to business performance. MWCG supports you throughout the entire process, ensuring successful cultural evolution.

Melting Walls Consultant

Employee Engagement / Development

An employee engagement strategy sits at the crux of a company missing its expectation and surpassing it. As a representative of their company, an employee reflects how their employers treat them. If the company has an effective employee engagement strategy, then the employee becomes a lighthouse in a storm, drawing in the best workers in their field. And so long as the employee engagement strategy is continued, there will be less turnover.

Employee Engagement Survey

The term 'workforce' is a generalization of distinctive individuals. So, one plan cannot fit every company's employees. Partnered with over 25 years of experience, MWCG approaches this issue with the Employee Engagement Survey. This survey is used to locate the cracks in the company's approach to its employees. Based on what it revealed, MWCG then puts an employee engagement plan in place.

Confidential Coaching / Problem Solving

MWCG is dedicated to transforming mid-level managers into exceptional leaders. Their unique approach includes personalized coaching and detailed 360 surveys, ensuring a customized growth experience. By focusing on individual strengths and improvement areas, MWCG's sessions are not just meetings, but pivotal moments in a leader's career development, setting the stage for the rise of influential leaders in both non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.