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"Leaders in organizations must provide an environment in which not only can employees recognize their strengths and abilities but also transfer those skills into their everyday activities with meaning and value "

-Thompson, 2008.

Melting Walls Consultant Group brings the expertise to the table when finding ways to improve your business. Whether you need employee engagement/development, culture development, leadership development, or customer experience, we have the necessary tools to drive success for your company.

Culture: A High-Priority Asset

In order to see overall business improvements, any changes that are implemented have to stick. They have to be integrated into normal routines and processes by all members of the organization. At MWCG, organizational culture is a high-priority facet in everything we do. Change won't stick if it's done in isolation to culture change, no matter which area of your business we're working to improve.

Organizational culture is arguably the most important variable in operational excellence. It separates the productive and prosperous businesses from the uncoordinated and unremarkable ones. Learn more about our proven process for improving culture and see how we can guide you on the path to success.

Incorporation of Culture

MWCG's Culture Assessment always starts with the measurement phase. As Culture Change experts, we can measure the current health of your organization's culture. Next, we assess the facts and look for opportunities for growth. This gives us a full understanding of where your culture is and how it can be improved.

Armed with this insightful data, we work with you to create a game plan that tackles your culture's weaknesses and builds on the strengths. We're with you every step of the way. We ensure that the culture you're cultivating is one that improves overall business performance.

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Employee Engagement / Development

An employee engagement strategy sits at the crux of a company missing its expectation and surpassing it. As a representative of their company, an employee reflects how their employers treat them. If the company has an effective employee engagement strategy, then the employee becomes a lighthouse in a storm, drawing in the best workers in their field. And so long as the employee engagement strategy is continued, there will be less turnover.

Employee Engagement Survey

The term 'workforce' is a generalization of distinctive individuals. So, one plan cannot fit every company's employees. Partnered with over 25 years of experience, MWCG approaches this issue with the Employee Engagement Survey. This survey is used to locate the cracks in the company's approach to its employees. Based on what it revealed, MWCG then puts an employee engagement plan in place.

Leadership Development

"Leaders in organizations must provide an environment in which not only can employees recognize their strengths and abilities but also transfer those skills into their everyday activities with meaning and value."

–Thompson, 2008

Coaching your future leaders is one of the best choices you can make for your company. By enlisting MWCG as your leadership consulting agency, you are giving your up-and-comers a leg-up when it comes to management.

As leadership consultants, we approach your leaders and apply several methods to help them improve. These include training, workshops, team development, coaching, leadership assessments, succession planning strategies, and more.

Customer Experience

To create a sustainable customer experience, you must build an employee experience that drives those results. By treating your employees like you would your best customer, a customer-centric culture is established. This ensures your employees will treat your customers just as well as you treat them.

MWCG experts will measure and assess your current processes to identify gaps and strengths. Then, we help you implement strategic solutions to improve those processes.

Of all the critical services we offer, one of our most effective is creating outstanding customer service strategies for our clients. We use our customer interaction expertise to deliver advanced approaches that set your company up for optimal business outcomes.